Health & Safety

Health & Safety and Ideal Day: Our HSE systems are built on a foundation of risk management. Our systems are designed to comply with OHSAS 18001 and we strive for continuous improvements throughout the engagement and encouragement of our people.

The Ideal day programme is an initiative that moves away from the traditional mindset of HSE to a dynamic and positive approach that is focused on delivering excellence in HSE performance one day at a time.

A day when there are zero injuries and incidents, there is no harm to the environment, and all our employees return home in the same condition in which they arrived is the definition of an Ideal day. It a goal and aspiration that all our employees can believe in.

The programme is designed to change attitudes and explore more effective ways to manage hazards and risks within our daily working environment. The Ideal day builds an awareness that the choices we make at work ultimately impact on our families and personal activities.